What we do

PASIC provides emotional, practical, and financial support to families of children and young people with cancer living in the East Midlands.

When you hear the news that your child has cancer, your world seems like it’s falling apart. Normal family life stops. Brothers and sisters can feel confused and anxious. Parents struggle to hold everything together.

We make sure that you don’t feel alone.

Emotional and practical support

We offer emotional, practical, and financial support to the whole family.

We have three Family Support Workers offering face-to-face and remote support: Emma and Joanne at Nottingham Children’s Hospital, and Toria covering Leicester and Northampton.

What does a Family Support Worker do?

Emma, Joanne and Toria are there for you when you need:

  • Money to help towards the costs of hospital stays.
  • Activities and trips for your child on the ward and their siblings back at home.
  • Counselling referrals for family members.
  • Signposting to other charities, support services, information, and advice.
  • Practical tips to make your hospital stays easier.

Contact your local Family Support Worker


Contact Emma and Joanne on nottsfs@pasic.org.uk

Leicester & Northampton

Contact Toria on toria.pick@pasic.org.uk

Events and social activities

People love our social events and day trips because they make them feel normal again.

Big days out

Our days out and events give PASIC families some much needed fun and respite from the constant worry of living with childhood cancer.

  • We take the whole family out, helping to give brothers and sisters a chance to enjoy a spot of ‘normal’ life too.
  • You get the chance to socialise with other people in a similar situation, building relationships and support networks. The friendships made on our trips often endure well after treatment for cancer has ended.
  • You’re free to choose how you use our trips. Get together with other PASIC families or just go off by yourself, it’s entirely up to you.
  • Places we’ve been include Alton Towers, West Midlands Safari Park, Twin Lakes, Butlins, and more!


Our massive Easter and Christmas parties at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nottingham give everyone a huge buzz. As well as a buffet, there’s usually face-painting and oodles of fun activities, visits from princesses and Star Wars characters, raucous discos, and bags of presents.

We offer the comfort and safety of a community where children and young people have no fear of appearing different because of hair loss, feeding tubes or physical disability. Our parties are noisy, fun-packed events where thoughts of cancer are left firmly at the hotel door.

Coming to events when you’ve finished your treatment

While you’ll be relieved to finish treatment, you may still feel anxious and worried.

Easing back into normal life can take time. We recognise that, which is why we encourage people to continue using our services for up to two years after they come off treatment.

You’ll not only enjoy our events more when you’re free of cancer worries, they’re also a great opportunity to catch up with friends from the ward, people who understand what you’ve been through and know the difficulties of adjusting to life after cancer.

And you’ll also be a role model for the kids still on treatment and a symbol of hope for their parents.

Financial support

Caring for a child with cancer comes with many unexpected expenses and difficulties.

Your child may not be in a local hospital, which means you could be facing hefty travel costs. Parking charges can soon mount up, especially when you’re in hospital for months. You’re not at home so suddenly you’re eating out every day. You may find you need to pay for more childcare. Or shell out for a dog walker. These hidden costs don’t stay hiding for long.

And to make it worse, one parent may have to stop work for ages. This can hit family finances hard.

We can help.

We can give money to help families being treated under CYPICS (Children’s and Young person’s Integrated Cancer Services in the East Midlands) cope with the costs of living with a child’s illness.

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, don’t be embarrassed – please talk to us.

Our ‘Making Memories’ fund

Childhood cancer is a cruel disease, which doesn’t always end happily.

We can be there for you if your child is receiving end-of-life treatment, helping you make memories with special family activities with your child and their brothers and sisters. We have a Making Memories fund for the families of palliative children. We can also help you with funeral costs.

Because of the particularly strong relationships that tend to develop between families and support workers, we don’t lose touch with families following a bereavement. We continue to welcome family members to our events, where they can catch up with friends they may have made when their child was on treatment. This can be a therapeutic and positive experience.

Our impact

The difference we make