Supporting families of children and young
 people with cancer in the East Midlands

About us

Why the unusual name?

PASIC was originally set up as the Parents Association for Seriously Ill Children, which is a bit of a mouthful. So today we’re simply called PASIC with a strapline which sums up what we do.

Our history

The Parents’ Association for Seriously Ill Children was founded in 1977 by a hospital consultant and parents to meet the needs of families dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of a child with cancer. They felt that whilst children were receiving the very best care from the clinical team, additional support was needed for parents and families dealing with the devastating impact of childhood cancer. This group of parents, with the help of staff, set up a self-help group to support others in the same situation facing treatment for childhood cancer. This pioneering group has developed over the years to shape PASIC which today comprises 4 staff, backed up by a hardworking board of trustees and volunteers.

For 40 years PASIC have helped hundreds of children at Nottingham Children’s hospital and currently support around 300 families.

Our Purpose, Vision and Mission today

Today our core values and aims remain the same. We aim to support as many families as possible across the region, reaching out to families of young people being treated under the East Midlands Children’s and Young Persons’ Integrated Cancer Service (CYPICS) at Leicester Royal Infirmary and Nottingham Children’s Hospital, Nottingham University Hospitals.

  • Our Purpose – Making lives better.
  • Our Vision – No East Midlands family faces childhood cancer alone
  • Our Mission – To offer emotional, social, practical and financial support for families of children and young people with cancer in the East Midlands, enabling them to improve the quality of their lives.

If you’d like to know more about our charity you can download and read our Annual Reports and Accounts here.