Who Are We?

We put compassion at the heart of everything we do, making lives better for families of children with cancer across the East Midlands.

The moment when your child’s diagnosed with cancer is devastating.

But that diagnosis doesn’t just affect your child’s physical health. The impacts ripple across the entire family. Siblings can be apart for months on end. Parents are often missing from the family home for weeks at a time.

Normal life stops. In many cases, it’ll never be the same again.

Caring for a seriously ill child is also expensive. Families can find themselves unable to cope with the hidden costs of having a child with cancer, especially when caring commitments force a parent to give up work. The costs of travelling to the hospital, parking and food, extra childcare for brothers and sisters back at home – they all add up.

That’s where PASIC comes in…

PASIC started in 1977 as the Parents Association for Seriously Ill Children. When a group of parents of children with cancer realised there was no support for them as families, they got together with their consultant at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre to set up a self-help group.

Now, we’re just called PASIC, which is much less of a mouthful. We’re a registered charity employing a small team of staff and a CEO, under the governance of a board of trustees.

Although the original parents left PASIC long gone, the current team really understand the needs of the families we support. We know because we’ve lived it, too. Around half our board and staff members have personal experience of childhood cancer.

If you’d like to know more about our charity you can download and read our Annual Reports and Accounts here.