Supporting families of children and young
 people with cancer in the East Midlands

Our team

Our staff team is based in Nottingham and Leicester but the work we do reaches out to families all over the East Midlands to make sure we’re doing the best we can for families living with childhood cancer. Do get in touch if you have any queries, would like support or would like to support PASIC!

Louise Towse

I joined PASIC in 2015.  I'm passionate about supporting families of children with cancer and raising awareness about childhood cancer and its impact.  My daughter Rose was treated for Neuroblastoma at Nottingham Children’s Hospital so I understand the difficulties facing families and just how vital a lifeline PASIC is when times are tough. I’m excited about building relationships with supporters in the local community and developing the role of volunteers so PASIC can increase the help we offer and provide the best service possible moving forward. I'm also involved with the Health and Care Professions Council  monitoring of Healthcare Degree Courses in the UK. Do get in touch if you can help us in any way, or if you simply want to know more about our work.

Heidi Bucknall

Family Support Administrator
I first came on board as a PASIC teenage rep. because I wanted to give something back to PASIC for all the trips and activities they arranged when I was having treatment.  I became very involved with PASIC as a volunteer and later joined the staff team as Family Support Administrator. The range of activities and events we’re offering is growing to meet the different needs of families; we’re also trying to reach out to families across a broader geographical area so my job’s very busy but fun too!

Joanna Beaumont

Family Support Worker
I became part of the PASIC team in February 2015. As a parent myself of a child who was diagnosed with cancer in 2001 I can totally relate to the fears and emotions that parents experience and the ripple effect this has on the rest of the family and friends. My previous work for nine years has been in a Pastoral Support role in a senior school setting. I have also volunteered as a Support Worker for two different charities, CRUSE Bereavement and Treetops Family Bereavement Team. Out of my own personal loss it is the right time for me to put my life skills, personal/professional experience and knowledge into this rewarding, and unique role to support these amazing families, children/young people in any way that I can.

Toria Pick

Leicester Family Support Worker
I live in Loughborough with my incredible husband and beautiful two year old daughter Elisabeth. I joined the PASIC team in April 2020 and for the last 12 years I’ve worked on the care team at Rainbows Hospice For Children and Young Adults. I’ve always been passionate about caring for others and have wanted to use my skills gained there to specialise in oncology in some way. Pasic has given me that opportunity. I’ll continue to keep up my links with Rainbows by working there one day a week, but the majority of my time is spent focusing on the incredible families I’m supporting at PASIC. I’m excited about working for our charity because I want to make a difference. I truly believe PASIC does this and I want to be a part of making this happen.