As Easter approaches normally we put a call out for donations of Easter eggs for children and young people in hospital, and at our Easter party. However, this year, thanks to some fantastically generous early donations of Easter eggs, the PASIC Easter bunny is fully stocked.

This year, as our Spring party will be held in May (not around Easter), we’re asking supporters to consider donating the cost of an Easter egg to our Easter appeal instead.

This will help us fund other items for the ward, and treats for children at our May party. It will help us offer varied and fun activities for young people facing long monotonous stays in hospital. Things to distract from the trauma of cancer treatment, such as craft activities, toys, games and other types of support.

We know times are tough so we’re not asking for much. A small donation this Easter will still make a difference.

Here’s an idea of what your donation could buy:

  • £2 buys: Snacks, such as popcorn, for a movie night pack
  • £5 buys: Crafts, such as a colouring book, crayons, paint
  • £10 buys: A pamper pack for a teenager on treatment
  • £20 buys: A Lego building set for a child in hospital, or tickets for a family day out

Help us make sure every child with cancer can still enjoy the opportunity to play, smile and experience things every child deserves.

Click to donate to the PASIC Easter Appeal