Sending traditional greeting cards costs time, money, and our planet. Send Christmas e-cards instead and donate what you’d normally spend on cards and stamps to help families facing childhood cancer.

Our official PASIC e-cards have each been lovingly designed by children supported by us. The cards are available on where supporters can make a donation in exchange for 100 e-cards to email around to friends and family. All donations are sent to PASIC so we can help families living with childhood cancer this Christmas.

3 advantages to sending a PASIC e-card
  1. It’s good for the environment

Did you know over two billion traditional greetings card are sold in the UK every year? That’s a lot of printing, paper and transportation. Cards that are glossy or glittery cannot be recycled and end up in landfill. Digital greetings cards are a far more environmentally friendly alternative. We’re sure David Attenborough would agree!

  1. It’s super easy and convenient

Buying, writing, envelopes, stamps, posting, did you forget Aunty Sue?!… Let’s face it, Christmas cards can be a hassle. But sending a PASIC e-card couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is enter the email addresses of the people you want to send a card to and you’re good to go. You can even buy your cards now and schedule to send nearer to Christmas so it’s one less thing to think about.

And if you do realise you’ve forgotten Aunty Sue at the last minute there’s no need to worry about missing the last post with an e-card. You can send them right up until the big day!

  1. You’ll be helping children and young people with cancer

Donate what you would have spent on cards and postage and that money goes directly to supporting families facing childhood cancer in the East Midlands. Every single donation will help us make sure no family faces childhood cancer alone. The person who receives your e-card will know that you’ve donated to us.

So what are you waiting for, buy your PASIC e-Christmas cards now!