On Saturday 31st July over 40 children and young people who finished cancer treatment within the last three years went on a PASIC trip to Twycross Zoo with their families.

Family Support Workers Joanna and Toria went along with Joanna saying:

“Our post-treatment trips are so much fun, it’s lovely to see children who have been so poorly doing so well. The last time we saw many of these young people they were still receiving treatment, so to see them now full of energy with their hair grown back and big smiles on their faces is wonderful.”

PASIC is one of the few organisations to continue supporting families for up to three years following the end of a child’s treatment, or up to their 19th birthday. As a charity we know how important it is for families to feel supported as they make the often challenging transition from on-treatment to slowly getting back to ‘normal’ life.

We know that for many families this isn’t always an easy process. Young people face complex and often long-term physical and psychological side-effects of treatment, while for parents it’s natural to feel anxious about any future illness or relapse.

Post-treatment PASIC trips give families chance to catch up with others they know from their journey, share progress with a network of peer support, and just have some much-deserved family fun.

Here are a selection of photos from our latest trip to Twycross: