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Imagine being told your child has cancer. That’s bad enough, right?

But for lots of families facing childhood cancer in the East Midlands, there’s another problem. A problem making life even harder right now, leaving many desperately asking us for help.

The cost of living crisis will hit these families disproportionately hard. Because as the prices of essentials are spiralling upwards, you’re facing unforeseen demands on your budget and a serious squeeze on your income:

  • You’ve had to quit your job because you need to be by the side of your sick child.
  • You’re travelling daily to a hospital 50 miles away for chemotherapy and petrol costs are soaring.
  • Winter is fast approaching and you don’t know how you’re going to keep your family warm. You’re spending more time at home while your child recovers. But you can’t put the heating on. That’s too expensive. You also have three other children and stocking the fridge on just one wage is becoming impossible. But you can’t let your children go cold and hungry.

Sadly we’re not being dramatic, we wish we were. PASIC has been supporting East Midlands families facing childhood cancer for 45 years and we’ve never before seen so many families asking for help with everyday essentials.

In the last 12 months PASIC have given out £54,000 in grants to families in crisis, a 23% increase on the previous year.

Louise Towse, PASIC CEO says:

We predict a big increase in the number of families with childhood cancer applying for a grant in 2022-2023.  Every day we’re hearing from people living with cancer, feeling the enormous pressure of the rising cost of living. The young cancer patients and families we support are facing a real crisis and need us more than ever. Parents tell us they feel as worried now about their inability to pay bills, cover food and travel, as they did the day that they were told their child had cancer.

Let’s give these families a Glimmer of Hope.

For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we’re shining a light on the impact rising cost of living is having on families through our Glimmer of Hope campaign. We’re appealing to you to make a donation (if you can), or take on a fundraising challenge, to help local families facing an even bigger cost of living crisis.

PASIC offer a Glimmer of Hope and comfort in the tough times. Parents always hope, they never give up regardless of the odds they’re given for their child’s survival. That’s why we’re so passionate about the support we give to improve mental and physical wellbeing and ensure they don’t feel alone and isolated.

PASIC party

Children enjoy a Glimmer of Hope at a PASIC party


Please donate what you can to the Glimmer of Hope Appeal