Corporate Fundraising

Six ways your business can support children with cancer

We welcome all types of help from companies, not just financial. Your expertise, services, and people’s time can be just as valuable.

1. Make PASIC your Charity of the Year

This is a great opportunity to build a rewarding, enduring partnership. We’re always amazed by what happens when we get together with enthusiastic companies and their creative employees. People love having the chance to turn their work skills to good use for charity.

A year-long partnership with PASIC isn’t just good for us, it pays dividends for you:

  • You’ll get positive media coverage of your support for PASIC, including on our website and social media.
  • Employees really enjoy the teamwork and sense of reward that making a real difference to the lives of children with cancer brings.
  • We can help you put a big tick against your CSR commitments.

How to become a workplace charity partner

Get in touch at for a charity chat.

2. Give a one-off donation

Supporting PASIC doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Many local businesses choose to make a one-off donation instead. Donating directly can make a huge difference.

You can make a discreet donation any time using our Online Donation Platform or you can invite us to a presentation of a big cheque, which is good for publicity and helps give your employees a real sense of achievement.

Please get in touch if you want to arrange this.

Support Worker Joanna receives a cheque from Kier Construction

3. Match what your employees raise

Matched funding is a fantastic way to support both your employees and a good cause with minimal effort. People are more likely to donate themselves if they know you’ll match it.

Many workplaces match the fundraising of their staff. For instance, a member of your team raises £500 by taking part in a charity cycle ride. You match it, and together you’ve raised £1000 for PASIC. Thank you very much!

4. Set up Payroll Giving

Why not set up an internal payroll-giving scheme?

Payroll giving is a simple way for employees to support PASIC with a small monthly donation direct from their income. Cumulatively, these donations can make a massive difference to us and the families we support. It’s simple to do:

  • Ask employees to opt in or out of payroll giving.
  • You could set the amount, give people the option to choose how much they want to give, or round down their salaries to the nearest pound.
  • Donations are taken before tax, which means a £5 donation will only cost £4.

5. Donate gifts and services instead of cash

Money isn’t the only thing that helps PASIC.

Some businesses give us use of their services, like storage facilities, meeting rooms, haulage services, and so on. This kind of help is invaluable.

Other companies might help our families more directly by giving auction items for our charity ball or inviting children on treatment to enjoy their corporate boxes at major sporting and music events.

Put on your Charity Thinking Cap and have a ponder. Is there anything you’ve got up your sleeve that can help us?

If so, please get in touch at and let’s chat!

Big Yellow Self Storage support PASIC by donating a storage container


6. Corporate volunteering

Many companies offer their employees the opportunity to spend time away from work volunteering. We often have volunteering opportunities available, especially helping with one-off events. Here’s an idea – let’s get together!

But we’re also keen to explore what you and your colleagues could help us with practically. Maybe you’ve got expertise in things like copywriting, design, IT, business analysis or marketing?

Volunteering for PASIC is an immensely rewarding experience, which is why we have people coming back to help us year after year.  Please get in touch to talk about how you and your team can help make a difference to the lives of young people living with childhood cancer.

The input group stand in front of a van

The Input Group assisting PASIC with moving Christmas presents


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