Continuing support after treatment

While you’ll be relieved to finish treatment, you may still feel anxious and worried.

Easing back into normal life can take time. We recognise that, which is why we encourage people to continue using our services for up to three years after they come off treatment.

Even when you’ve finished treatment, you’re still part of the PASIC family

Our Family Support Workers are here for you even after you’ve finished with the hospital. This is a time when you can really start to enjoy our outings and activities without the cloud of cancer hanging over you. So, remember to check your emails regularly and look at our website for forthcoming events.

It’s a great opportunity to catch up with friends from the ward: people who understand what you’ve been through and what it’s like getting back into normal life.

We understand that getting back to normal can be challenging, so do keep in touch – we’re here if you need us!

Want to know more about what happens when you’ve finished treatment?

The Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group has loads of really useful information and booklets about all aspects of childhood cancer, including what happens after treatment finishes.

And our useful resources page can point you to other help available.