Support while you’re on treatment

We offer emotional, practical, and financial support for the families of children on treatment for cancer under the Children’s and Young Persons’ Integrated Cancer Service (CYPICS), and for up to three years after treatment has ended. We’re there for the whole family, including the brothers and sisters of the child with cancer.

We’re here to listen and help. We understand what you’re going through – some of us have had similar experiences ourselves. And as a charity we’ve been supporting families living with childhood cancer in the East Midlands for over 40 years.

Our Family Support Workers, EmmaToria, and Joanne will support you during your stay in hospital and afterwards, when you’re back home in the community. We’re here so you don’t have to face childhood cancer alone. Trust us to help you find the strength to get your family through it.

Ask us for help, that’s what we’re there for

Most people get in touch with us themselves or meet us on the wards in Nottingham or Leicester, but family members, friends, and health or social care professionals can refer you for our help if you’ve given your consent for them to contact us.


Get in touch with Emma and Joanne by emailing

Leicester and Northampton       

Get in touch with Toria by emailing

Support from other charities and agencies

See our useful resources page for further support, information and advice.

Practical help with your hospital stay

Your child will probably need to spend some time in hospital during their treatment. We know first-hand how difficult this can be, so we’ll give you plenty of tips to make things as easy as possible.

We can suggest places to go when your child’s well enough to leave the ward for a few hours. We know where you can stock up on food and anything else you need. We can tell you about local transport links and how to get from the hospital to where you want to go. We can help you find your way round the hospital. We can give you ideas for things to do with your child while you’re spending time on the ward.

If you’re wondering about something, just ask us. And if we don’t know, you can be sure we’ll know someone who does.

Financial support

Looking after a seriously ill child brings unexpected expenses and difficulties. Repeated trips to the hospital, car parking charges, taxi fares … they all stack up. We don’t want you to worry if you’re finding it hard to make ends meet because of the hidden costs of childhood cancer.

We may be able to help – don’t bottle it up, talk to us.

Getting out and about

Our free trips for all the family (that’s brothers, sisters, and parents, too), aim to help you have fun as a family – a chance to feel ‘normal’ again. At a time when outings may not be top of your list, our trips to places like theme parks and zoos provide a little welcome relief for all the family at no cost to yourselves.

Short breaks and holidays can be difficult to plan when your child is on treatment: you’re never sure whether they’ll be in hospital or not. We can put you in touch with a network of free short breaks whose providers understand you may need to cancel at the last minute.