Leave a gift in your will

Without voluntary contributions, PASIC wouldn’t exist. The families we support would be facing the rigours of childhood cancer on their own.

Leaving a gift to PASIC in your will helps us give families the support they desperately need. It’s a fantastic way to do something meaningful with your money, knowing that your generosity is continuing to bring light into the lives of families enduring the darkest of times.

How do I include PASIC in my will?

When you’re writing your will, give your solicitor our charity name and number:

  • PASIC cancer support for children and young people
  • Registered charity no. 1163662.

I already have a will and want to add a gift to PASIC

If you already have a will and would like to add a contribution to PASIC, you just need to complete a simple document called a codicil. This lets you make amendments to an existing will instead of completely re-writing an already written version. Your solicitor will know what to do.

Our commitments to you

Writing your will isn’t something anyone takes lightly. And leaving a gift to a charity is something that you need to balance against the primary desire to make sure you take care of your family and friends.

That’s why we’re always very grateful to anyone who chooses to support PASIC and the families of young people with cancer that we support. By including us in your will, you’re making a significant contribution to the well-being of young people long after your executor has revealed your wishes.

  • You can be confident that your gift will help support families in the East Midlands whose lives have been turned upside down by childhood cancer.
  • We will treat you and your family with respect and sensitivity.
  • We will respect your wishes about whether you want your gift to be private or not.

Please talk to us if you want to know more about leaving us a gift in your will

If you have any questions about leaving us a donation in your will or want to know more about how we use such donations, please contact us on fundraising@pasic.org.uk.