Supporting families of children and young
 people with cancer in the East Midlands

Everyone in society benefits from charities and right now the #EveryDayCounts campaign is crucial to helping PASIC and other UK charities in our fight for survival.

Cancer doesn’t stop for coronavirus and we’re not stopping either!  The young cancer patients and families we support are facing a real crisis and need us more than ever. Parents tell us they feel as worried now about coronavirus as they did the day that they were told their child had cancer.

So get involved and help us from your own home

Write to your MP and help us and other charities across the UK rallying for financial support from the government.

  • We need PASIC armchair ambassadors to write a letter to their MP to support this campaign to get government help for the charity sector. Simply download our letter template , fill in the blanks and email or post to your MP.

You can find your local MP here

  • You can also share this campaign on social media using #EveryDayCounts

Our support workers continue to give as much support as ever for families of children with cancer, at the end of the phone, through virtual meet ups, online activities and where we can with practical and financial help.

PASIC relies on 100% voluntary funding and is now facing a drop in income from donations and cancelled community events needed to fund this support, while the number of families in crisis increases rapidly.

So, make a difference during this time at home.  Write to your MP to help protect PASIC and the future of charities, both local and national across the UK.