Tracking your STEPtember progress

It’s up to you how you track your miles. The most popular way is using a tracking app on your smartphone. They can record your distance, the amount of steps taken and even your elevation whilst walking or running. You can also use a pedometer or fitness watch. But don’t worry, if you’d prefer to stick to the traditional method of jotting down your miles on paper that’s fine too.

Track with Strava

Strava logo

A really popular way for walkers, runners and cyclists to record their activities. If you don’t have it already download the Strava app on your phone.

You can even link your Strava account to your JustGiving page:

  1. Create a Strava account if you don’t have one yet.
  2. Log into your JustGiving account and view the Fundraising Page you want to connect. Scroll down the Fundraising Page until you see a big ‘Connect Strava’ button to select.
  3. Get moving! As soon as you have clicked the ‘Connect Strava’ button and entered your details, you can use your Strava as normal to track activities and choose which updates to share on your Fundraising Page automatically.

Join the PASIC STEPtember club on Strava to connect with other fundraisers taking on the challenge. It’s by no means a competition, but if you need a bit of competition to spur you on, why not see where you can get to on the leaderboard?

Taking part as a group? Strava lets you create your own group challenge, set your group goal and invite members of your team to join.

Download the challenge calendar

If you want to keep track on paper you can jot down your daily miles on our handy challenge calendar:

Download here