Cancer didn’t stop for coronavirus, but sadly last summer many community fundraising events did, just as more families living with childhood cancer turned to PASIC for help.

And that’s why we need your help!

We’re super excited to announce our 2021 summer-long community fundraising extravaganza!

With your help we can make up for lost funds in 2020 and come back stronger than ever. With your help we can support more families… bring more smiles… fund more activities… and continue doing all we can to make the lives of those going through childhood cancer that little bit easier.

“Sounds good! So what’s the challenge?”

At any one time PASIC supports around 400 families facing childhood cancer. That’s 400 sick children, around 800 desperately anxious parents, brothers and sisters too, struggling with the impact of their seriously ill sibling.

Life has been tough for us all over the past year, but for these 400 families it’s been much harder. That’s why we’re inviting you to be a fundraising hero and keep these families in mind by taking on a challenge 4 the 400.

We wanted a challenge that anyone can do. That’s why we’re keeping it open. So let your imagination go wild and come up with your very own special challenge to raise money 4 the 400 families PASIC supports. Even better if your challenge is based around the number 400!

If that wasn’t enough to get you ready for action we’ve also got a great  prize of a brand new road bike with helmet and paniers, for the  fundraiser who raises the highest amount by the end of August.

“When is it?”

You can complete your #4the400 challenge anytime over the summer – make it a one day event or a summer-long conquest. We’ll be tallying up the total raised at the end of August.

“Count me in! What next?”

Step 1: Pick your challenge(s)

I'm taking on the challenge

If you’ve already got a fundraising challenge in mind, great! If not we’ll be sharing lots of fundraising ideas, events and inspiration over the next few weeks.

Step 2: Set up your Just Giving page

Create a Just Giving account, visit our #4the400 fundraising page and click ‘start fundraising’.

Don’t worry if you still need help setting up your page – get in touch with our team at Or if you prefer you can collect your money another way. Just let us know.

Step 3: Spread the word and ask friends and family to sponsor you

Shout about your challenge on social media – and we’ll even be creating a toolkit over the next few weeks to help you do this.

Step 4: Take on the challenge

Whatever your challenge, we know you’ll do great!

“I’d rather not take on a challenge but I’d love to donate”

We appreciate not everyone has the time to complete a challenge but you can still contribute to our fundraising total by making a donation. Donations of any amount go directly towards helping children and young people with cancer, and their families. We’re ever so grateful for anything you’re able to give.

Donate Now

Thank you