Leo’s story

“At times when I felt I was falling apart and not knowing which way to turn, just knowing I could talk to Pasic helped immensely. As a parent I think I would have sunk into a deep hole without Pasic!!” – Leo’s Mum, Emma.

Leo was diagnosed with Wilms tumour, aged 3. He’s faced intensive treatment including chemotherapy and surgery for a malignant tumour in the upper left renal kidney for 10 months which meant lengthy stays in hospital. His treatment ended a few months ago, but he still attends hospital clinics every 6-8 weeks.

Leo, his Mum, Dad and three brothers have loved taking part in PASIC activities. Leo’s Mum Emma says “It’s amazing to get together with families who understand the trials and tribulations of childhood cancer and who can give advice and support. The impact of PASIC family activities is fantastic. The whole family look forward to the parties and outings and to meeting our oncology friends. Just to be able to relax as a family and not be stressed or highly strung and worrying is a great breather.

PASIC activities have really improved Leo’s self-confidence. Meeting new people like him and him knowing although he is different in many ways to a healthy child, that he is still the same amazing little boy, makes a real difference to him. PASIC events are fantastic for building his self-esteem and a brilliant ‘wee’ break from everyday life for all the family.

It’s good to know PASIC are there to help the whole family. They’ve given us a little time out to forget the traumas so to speak, to be a family, able to spend time together in a vibrant and fun environment. Their support’s like a mini-counselling session. They also give families time out to get to know the new people they turn to due to the trauma of childhood cancer. They give families much needed breaks and support.

PASIC have helped give Leo and other children like him a break and a chance to relax without feeling like a prisoner in their own body. The impact of these events has been absolutely wonderful. We really don’t know what we would do without Pasic, for Leo the charity’s been amazing, words can’t really describe the difference PASIC have made.”

As parents, Emma and Craig have felt well supported themselves by PASIC, support which they describe as ‘amazing’.

“We can’t thank you guys enough at all.”