Supporting families of children and young
 people with cancer in the East Midlands

Sebastian’s Action Trust

  Sebastian’s Action Trust provides places and spaces where families can access time together, away from the stresses of hospital and home at The Bluebells, Hampshire and The Woodlands, Berkshire. There is no charge for a break at The Bluebells, however, a...

Dragonfly Cancer Trust

Supporting young palliative cancer patients under the age of 25. Providing Cash Gifts for young palliative cancer patients to use on pain-free days to give a sense of control and independence. Organising very personal last-minute experiences to create moments to...

Hammond Hickman Line Shortie Dry Suits

Hammond Drysuits created the “hickman line shortie suit” with a doctor who thought these would be wonderful for children to be able to swim again while going through cancer treatment. Each suit needs to be a tight seal and measured on an individual...

Insurance With

Specialist travel insurance for people with medical conditions