Supporting families of children and young
 people with cancer in the East Midlands

We asked our families about the difficulties they faced in the first Covid-19 lockdown to identify what extra support PASIC could offer.

The majority of parents confirmed that caring for a child with cancer is a very lonely time, a feeling exacerbated by the pandemic. Other common areas of concern voiced included: the balancing of home-schooling with the care of a sick child, the financial impact of redundancy or furlough, and anxiety surrounding the potential consequences of a child receiving treatment catching coronavirus.

We found…
  • 65% struggled with shielding
  • 63% reported feeling more stressed
  • 58% of on-treatment families found hospital visiting restrictions challenging
  • 53% experienced financial worries
  • 51% experienced difficulties getting to the supermarket and/or food shortages
  • 37% found online and telephone appointments hard as they prefer face-to-face appointments
  • 33% reported that their child was anxious about Covid-19

Despite these issues, we were reassured to hear so many families say they had benefitted from the support of PASIC during this time. Most families of children on treatment felt their wellbeing was improved by the continued friendship and communications from the PASIC Family Support Workers and, whilst many post-treatment families have not needed help, they also welcomed the charity reaching out to them with telephone calls, emails and letters.

Families said…

Keep going as you are…such enormous support.”

We’re actually ok, we’ve had lots of offers of support, but its lovely to know you are there for us if we need you.”

The little toys and bits from PASIC have been helpful (bubbles are always good!)”

Our support worker is a wonderful helpful lady whom I would only say we miss her when she is not here but could ask for no more than what she already does.”

We’re constantly reviewing the support we are able to provide to families during the pandemic, and your feedback is invaluable.