Supporting families of children and young
 people with cancer in the East Midlands

This Christmas, many of us will be hoping to catch up on the hugs we’ve missed out on during a year of being separated from loved ones. But what if your child is battling cancer? Can you imagine having to suppress the overwhelming urge to hold and comfort them and their siblings? Because doing so could pass on Coronavirus.

This year, £15 is all it takes to give a Christmas Eve Hug Box to a child with cancer in your local area. We welcome every donation, from pennies to pounds. Together, your help makes a real difference to families going through the toughest of times.

Evie was diagnosed during Covid-19. Mum Rachel says: “It’s been so tough not being able to leave the ward and or have any interaction with her siblings face to face, let alone cuddles. We all so need a big hug but have to be very careful.”

For families fighting childhood cancer, we want Christmas 2020 to be a chance for parents to once again be mum and dad rather than nurse or carer. We want it to be a time for their child to be a child rather than a patient. We want every minute they spend at home and every moment they share to be an escape from the endless grind of treatment, illness and stress. For most families fighting childhood cancer, all they want for Christmas is to spend time together. But we want them to have more than this. We want them to get that hug they need and deserve. And you can give it to them by donating here today.

“We’re determined to make this Christmas the best ever, because you never know if it’s going to be our last together as a family”

With your help, we can send 150 families in the East Midlands a PASIC Christmas Eve Hug Box. Packed full of comforting treats, games and kindness, the Christmas Eve Hug Box will mean a family facing childhood cancer will really feel your love this Christmas.

Please will you support the PASIC Christmas Appeal, donate today and help spread a little bit of joy to an East Midlands family.