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We offer emotional, practical, and financial support for the families of children on treatment for cancer under the Children’s and Young Persons’ Integrated Cancer Service (CYPICS), and for up to three years after treatment has ended.

We’re there for the whole family, including the brothers and sisters of the child with cancer.

Our Family Support Workers, Emma, Toria, and Joanne will support you during your stay in hospital and afterwards, when you’re back home in the community. We’re here so you don’t have to face childhood cancer alone. Trust us to help you find the strength to get your family through it.

Ask us for help, that’s what we’re there for

Most people get in touch with us themselves or meet us on the wards in Nottingham or Leicester, but family members, friends, and health or social care professionals can refer you for our help if you’ve given your consent for them to contact us.


Get in touch with Emma and Joanne by emailing

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Get in touch with Toria by emailing

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See our useful resources page for further support, information and advice.