September 1st, 2024




Langar Airfield, Harby Road, Langar, England, NG13 9HY

Experience the thrill of jumping from 14,000ft. You’ll enjoy an exhilarating freefall skydive while harnessed to the front of a fully qualified skydive instructor. You’ll drop at a speed of 120mph, followed by around 5 minutes of gentle flying to the ground under a parachute.

This is a group event so you’ll be going up with other brave PASIC fundraisers, with the PASIC Team cheering you on from below.

Family and friends are welcome to come and watch from the spectator picnic area, and a team of pro-skydivers will also be putting on a spectacular performance in the sky.

You’ll receive a PASIC fundraising pack, including t-shirt and help with setting up your fundraising page.

Fundraising options:

There are two fundraising options available when booking your skydive.

  1. Minimum sponsorship – if you select this option all you have to pay is the £30 non-refundable registration fee. However you must commit to raising a minimum sponsorship amount of £400.
  2. Pay for the skydive yourself – if you select to self-fund the jump it means every penny you raise in sponsorship comes to PASIC. The total cost is £240. To reserve your place you must first pay the £30 non-refundable registration fee. We will then be in touch to arrange payment of the remaining £210. Payment will need to be received in full by mid-June, however we can discuss payment plan options if required. If you self-fund the jump there is no minimum sponsorship required but you’ll still receive full support with your fundraising.

Age and weight restrictions:

For a tandem skydive in the UK the minimum age is 16. For safety reasons you must also weigh no more than 15 stone/95 kg.