Payroll giving

Payroll giving is a simple way for employees to support PASIC with a monthly donation direct from their income.

A collection of small monthly donations can make a massive difference to PASIC.

Donations are taken before tax, which means a £5 donation will only cost £4.

The difference you’ll make

Payroll giving donations provide us with a long-term, reliable source of income which enables us to plan projects, such as our School Holiday Activities Programme, with confidence. With your support, we can provide essential support services for the young people we support and their families.

£7.00 …will help a child escape the ward for a few hours to see a film at the cinema
£10.00 …will buy a Christmas Present for a child at our annual Christmas Party
£15.00 …will fund individual activity bags to help entertain children on treatment
£20.00 …will pay for a fun day out at a theme park for a child or young person
£25.00 … provides a session with a Family Support Worker