Family Activities

PASIC offer a range of free fun events throughout the year for all the family, siblings, parents and carers. Events to bring people together, opportunities to connect and most importantly have fun!

Keep checking your emails and our website regularly for updates as we sometimes have tickets on offer to events at short notice.  For most trips there’s an option to travel by coach from a nearby town or, if you prefer, go under your own steam as a family.

Find out more

For information about events and activities, take a look at PASIC events for families, or contact your Family Support Worker, Nottingham – Joanna 07874 223462/ Leicester – Toria 07708 327976 or email us

Please bear in mind deadline for registration for most events is 4 weeks prior.

Activities for home and in hospital

We’ve put together a list of links you may find helpful to keep the kids busy during social isolation.

Check out these our ideas for fun activities to try at home or in hospital.

General activities and home schooling


Activities with Celebrities