Supporting families of children and young
 people with cancer in the East Midlands

Are you joining PASIC and the rest of the nation, for one of the biggest fundraising events of the year from Sunday, 26 April onwards?

Taking part is easy. On 26 April and beyond, join people around the nation in taking on a challenge that involves the number 2.6 or 26. Do it from the safety of your own home or immediate local area  and get sponsored for doing it or make a donation.

Don’t forget to use our special link to register your 2.6 challenge for PASIC now on JustGiving.

Here are 26 ideas for how YOU can get in involved in ‘The 2.6 Challenge’, raise vital funds for PASIC and help us to be here for families affected by childhood cancer when they need us most.

26 Fundraising Ideas

Get Active

  1. Try a new workout – 26 sit-ups, 26 push-ups, 26 star jumps and 26 shoulder shrugs and see how many you can do in under 2.6 minutes.
  2. Distance challenge – Test yourself with a sponsored 2.6 mile or km run, walk, cycle, jog, hop or skip.
  3. Football fanatic challenge – Get sponsored and test yourself by doing 26 football keepie-ups.
  4. Marathon – It’s marathon day so why not take on the challenge of running, walking or cycling 26 miles! Or make it a virtual family marathon and share the distance.
  5. Get climbing – Walk up and down your stairs 26 times, see if you can get sponsored £2.60 by 26 friends.
  6. Get squatting – Do 260 squats in one day, see how many you can do in 26 minutes.
  7. Get planking – Hold a plank for 2.6 minutes and get sponsored.
  8. Hula, hoop – Hula Hoop for 26 minutes.

Big kids, little kids

  1. Hopping mad – Hop on the spot 26 times on each leg for 26 minutes.
  2. Keep moving – Run up and down your street 26 times, get sponsored for every length.
  3. Bounce, bounce, bounce – bounce on a trampoline 26 times or for 26 minutes
  4. Games tournament – Play 26 rounds of your favourite card game, encourage the loser to donate £2.60 for every game lost.
  5. Get the kids to make 26 rainbows to pop in your window for the NHS.
  6. Dance party – Turn up the music and have a virtual 26-minute dance party. Each participant could donate £2.60 for every song you dance to.
  7. Dance routine – Create a dance routine with 26 moves and teach it to your family or 26 people on Zoom. Get people joining on Zoom to donate.
  8. Spring clean – Give your home a spring clean for 2.6 hours (156 minutes) and find 26 items you can sell as part of your fundraising.

Fun, games and more

  1. Comedy night – Get everyone laughing and tell 26 of your worst dad jokes.
  2. Movie marathon – Sit back and relax with your family or flatmates and challenge yourself to watch movies for 26 hours, donating £2.60 for every film you watch.
  3. Host a quiz – Hold a virtual pub quiz with your friends and family with 26 questions, encouraging players to donate £2.60 for every incorrect answer.
  4. Virtual raffle – Organise a virtual raffle with 26 tickets at £2.60 each.
  5. Reading challenge – Read your favourite book for 26 minutes 26 times a day and get sponsored for 11 hrs 26 minutes of reading! Or for a shorter burst, read for 2 hours 26 minutes.
  6. Treasure hunt – Set up a treasure hunt around your home with 26 clues. Donate £2.60 for every minute you go over 26 minutes.
  7. Puzzled – Complete 26-word searches, crosswords, or Sudokus and donate for each one completed.
  8. Become a poet – Write a poem with 26 lines for everyone who donates to your JustGiving page.

Food and Drink

  1. Ready, steady, cook – Get your family, other half or flatmates involved and cook dinner in 26 minutes, including washing up! See how much you can raise in tips.
  2. Fancy a night out? – Create a three-course meal for your family, other half or flatmates with 26 ingredients and see how much you can raise in tips.



Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be a PASIC home heroGot another idea that’s not listed here? Have questions or need more support? We’re here to help.

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